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About Bulgaria

About Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country of ancient culture, picturesque natural beauty, cordial people, hospitality and warmth.

Located in the Southern Europe, Bulgaria occupies the central area of the Balkan Peninsula, on a busy crossroads of different primordial cultures. Today’s territory of Bulgaria has been populated since times out of mind, by Thracians, Bulgarians, and Slavs, all of whom left their own imprint in the world cultural heritage. The Necropolis of Varna is world-famous, having preserved the oldest processed gold in the world, along with the Thracian Tombs and sanctuaries, in which have been discovered the world-renowned and precious Thracian Gold Treasures.
Bulgaria ranks third in Europe, following Greece and Italy, in number of cultural and architectural monuments uncovered on its territory, and is second worldwide in number of mineral and healing springs.

Sunny and hospitable, Bulgaria provides ideal conditions for holidays and tourism, with its seaside and winter resorts and balneological centers, as well as numerous historical and cultural sites on its entire territory.

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