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Varna, Bulgarian Black Sea Coast

The city of Varna is located along a Black Sea bay of the same name. It was established by the Miletus Greeks in VI century B.C. and, in ancient times was known under the name of Odesos. Early excavations, numerous thematic museums and galleries on the territory of Varna have provided intrinsic proof of the eminence and multicolor of the city during the centuries.
Nowadays the city has won recognition as an important sea-port, as well as a commercial, economic and a cultural center of Bulgaria, well-deserving its being called the “Sea Capital of Bulgaria”. Varna is host to numerous international sports events, theatre, music, folklore and film festivals, which is a reason for the city to be part of the European and Worldwide cultural and tourist calendar year-round.

Having an auspicious geographical location and large beach, thermal baths and mild climate, the city of Varna has established itself as an attractive tourist center.

The city is a point of departure to a number of resorts along the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. The International Airport of Varna provides services to tourist and travel companies as well, having regular charters to over 35 countries and 101 towns worldwide. Being two and a half hours by plane from any departure point in Europe, or just 45 min by plane from Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, visiting Varna can bring you immense pleasure and endow unforgettable and memorable moments from your visit to the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

Sea resorts located close to Varna, Bulgaria: Golden Sands, Constantine & Helena

Varna, Bulgaria - hotels, resorts
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